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Snow White and the Seven Dwarf… - Cape Town

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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Event Type: On Stage, Children's Theatre

This is the story of Snow White, who has to run away from her wicked stepmother, who is jealous of Snow White`s beauty.

She sees a little house in the forest, knocks on the door and, as no one answers, she goes inside. It`s very untidy and dirty, so she washes, cleans and tidies everything and exhausted falls asleep on one of the beds.

When the dwarfs come home she wakes up and after hearing her sad story, they agree that she must stay at their house where she will be safe.

The Wicked Queen discovers where she is hiding and when the dwarfs go to work she tricks Snow White. When the dwarfs come home they find the Prince and together they save Snow White.

Recommended for children from two years.

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